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Coconino County Food Handlers' Training - Online

Pinal County Food Handlers' Training - Online

If you work in a restaurant in Coconino, Greenlee, or Pinal Counties, you will need a Food Handler certificate. Now it's possible to take the training online. Payment options are American Express®, VISA, MasterCard®, JCB, or Electronic check. If you would prefer go to the Coconino County Health Department and pay in person. You will receive a registration number allowing you to register for the online training. This innovative training will provide you with all the necessary information to prepare and serve food within the Coconino County Health Department's food handling regulations and standards.

Customer Service Training - Online

Windmill Inns and Suites Customer Service Training - Online

This online training is designed for the entry level employee. Brush up on your customer service skills and get a certificate issued by Northern Arizona Universities world renowned School of Hotel and Restaurant Management. Payment options are American Express®, VISA, MasterCard®, JCB or Electronic check.

Finance & Accounting

Accounting in Hospitality Operations

This half-day workshop covers fundamental accounting concepts and methods of financial analysis. The focus is on understanding and applying financial analysis to evaluate and improve hospitality operations. It focuses on the fundamentals of financial analysis with particular emphasis on understanding and critiquing the P&L statement. Instructor: Dr. Jon Hales

Fraud Prevention & Detection

Are you at risk for fraudulent activity? This half-day workshop will help you recognize the “red flags” of fraud in your business as well as how to apply common fraud detection techniques used by professionals in the field. You will also have the opportunity to assess your internal controls, corporate culture, and physical controls as a means of designing a more effective fraud prevention program. If you have been a victim of fraud (ex: embezzlement), this workshop is for you.  Instructor: Jenny Staskey, M.S.,CPA, CFE

Legal & Operations

Tourism, Lodging, Liquor, and Food Service Provider’s Legal Information

Avoid getting sued. In today’s litigious business environment a little knowledge of those legal principles which when violated often result in a hospitality operator facing a lawsuit, could go a long way.  This workshop designed for front of the house and middle management hospitality professionals will provide you with a solid understanding of many of the laws which govern the operation of a place of public accommodation. 

Instructor: Bruce Urdang, J.D.

Housekeeping Management

This half-day workshop will include the following topics: staffing and scheduling in the housekeeping department based on the property’s occupancy, maximizing productivity, preparing a budget, controlling expenses, purchasing and inventory of supplies, managing the laundry room and linens, risk and environmental management, housekeeping personnel administration, and motivating housekeeping employees. Instructor: Dr. Matt Casado


Managing Customer Service

This purpose of this full-day workshop is to provide strategies and tactics for managing service expectations and experiences. Delivering consistent, quality service requires the reeducation of customers about service and the role of service professionals and new approaches in the design, staffing, marketing, and management of the service system.  You will learn how to create a positive customer service climate that harnesses the natural talents of service professionals. This workshop offers unique and useful guidance on the hiring, training, supporting, retention, and empowerment of service professionals.  Completion will result in a Certificate in Managing Customer Service. Web Delivery through NAU School of Hotel & Restaurant Management. In-Person workshop also available. Instructor: Dr. Galen Collins.

Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

Wish you could improve employee performance and increase organizational productivity? Learn how to increase Emotional Intelligence in your organization. This half-day workshop will provide you with tools to use to increase self-awareness, self-confidence, self-control, conscientiousness, self-motivation, empathy, a service orientation, diversity, interpersonal communication skills, leadership, conflict management and collaboration. You will also learn how important it is for those in supervisory roles to have emotional intelligence. Instructor: Dr. Galen Collins

Individual and Corporate Coaching

Feeling stuck?  Have a project that needs an injection of momentum?  Our coaching services can help.  Whether one on one or group, coaching is about enhancing organizational performance, setting specific goals and taking appropriate action.  Special Fees will Apply.  Coach Team: Grace Marks, MPH, CPC

Concessions Management Training

This customized training program is a comprehensive multi-year certificate program specifically designed for those working in concessions management settings. Students complete a series of 7 courses in hospitality management, hospitality accounting I & II, management skills/leadership, hospitality law and contracts as well as concession law. Program graduates earn the designation “Certified Concession Specialist” from the NAU School of Hotel and Restaurant Management. This is a great way for managers in this industry to also satisfy their professional development requirements. Instructors vary by course.  Special Fees will Apply.

For Above: Workshop fees per participant: 

$150 half-day / $250 full-day  (+ Instructor Travel Costs)

For personal development workshops (below): $95 per person

Personal and Professional Enrichment Development

Inventory Your Life: What Really Matters to You?

Have you let go of something that’s important to you? 

Time for exercise?  Self-care?  Finding joy in every day?  Satisfaction in your job?  Quality time with family and friends?  Spiritual practice or prayer?  Making the money you want?  Using the Wheel of Life exercise, this session will help you re-discover your priorities in the areas of health, wellness, career, money, relationships, or personal growth.  You will identify specific steps to create a more fulfilling life.
Facilitator: Grace Marks, MPH, CPC.

Treasure Mapping: Bringing your dreams to fruition

Most people realize the importance of setting and writing down their goals. Treasure Mapping is a creative, powerful tool designed to help you take the process of pursuing your dreams to a new level. This hands-on workshop will help you focus your energy by making a visual representation of how you want your life to look when your goals have been achieved. Materials needed: Bring 3-4 of your favorite magazines, brochures or catalogues with colorful pictures in the general subject area of your goal, scissors, glue, poster board, scrapbook letters.
Facilitator: Grace Marks , MPH, CPC 

Money Matters

Do find yourself on a spending spree when you are angry, hurt, sad or bored? Do you fight with your partner over finances (or avoid dealing with issues)? Do you find yourself always wishing you had more money? In this workshop, you will gain an understanding of your money story; the experiences, attitudes and beliefs you have that influence how you relate to money. Since your money story influences every aspect of your life, awareness can help you release beliefs that inhibit you from achieving your goals.
Facilitator: Jenny Staskey, M.S., CPA, CFE.

Team Building Training

This half-day workshop is highly interactive. It is our goal as trainers to help you immediately apply what you have learned to your workplace setting, AND retain the skills for future use.   As such, we offer one complimentary follow-up coaching session to help you. Future sessions are available on an hourly basis.

Team building training can help you:

  • Develop effective communication skills among team members
  • Develop the problem solving skills needed to resolve current and future workplace issues
  • Develop individual accountability among team members (instead of passing the blame)
  • Inspire team members to align their actions in accordance with the mission of your organization 
  • Resolve power differences among team members
  • Assess the strengths and weaknesses of your team as a tool for future personal and  professional development
  • Develop the essential skills of empathy and active listening

Facilitators: Dr. Galen Collins and Grace Marks , MPH, CPC 

Other Services

Focus groups
Shopper audits
Customer satisfaction surveys
Needs assessments
Quality assurance program

Contact info for registration and questions:
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